Something Scarier than your Halloween Make-Up!

We LOVE Halloween make-up. (See some of our favorites below)

But if you wanna see something like really, really scary, see what your skin looks like on November 1st! Fake blood, shimmering glitter, prosthetic glue and silicon masks can make your skin dry, red and itchy!

Follow these tips to keep glowing after the festivities are over:

  • Wash off that thick Halloween make up with a strong cleanser: Dr. Lin's Acne Cleanser is the perfect option (and 25% off now with code BLOG25)
  • Next, apply Dr. Lin's super gentle Hydrating Gel to soothe any irritation
IG photo cred: @makeupavideotuto
IG photo cred: @madelynn_skye
IG photo cred: @lishalovesmakeup
IG photo cred: @jessjaneeee

IG photo cred: @lordmermaid

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